"In Every Walk With Nature One Receives Far More Than He Seeks"


Happy Campers Guide Company is the Hudson Valley's premier Wilderness Retreat Guide Company.

Whether it's you, you and your partner, or, you, your partner, and the kids, or everyone at work, we'd love to spend time in nature with you.  We are New York State Licensed Outdoor Guides, and we know all the best spots, whether you're a beginner or a pro, seeking an afternoon of hiking or a whole weekend of camping. It's 100% customizable.


We Provide you with as Much Gear as You Need:



Sleeping Bags


Canteens/Water Filtration

Sustenance for Any Diet


Insect Repellent/Sunscreen


Mosquito Nets

Trekking Poles

We Want to Teach You Skills Like:

Fire-making and Bow Drill

Flora and Fauna Identification

Tracking Skills

Ecological Awareness

And We Teach Activities Like:

Nature Therapy

Shinrin Yoku

Forest Bathing

Couples Trust Exercises

Yoga and Mindfulness Exercises

"The Mountains are calling and I Must Go"

Matthew Maloney

Matthew Maloney

The Initiator
Matt has spent his life studying and teaching traditional health-wellness initiatives that have passed down through the generations.  After graduating from Naropa College in Boulder Colorado with a degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on Sustainable Living and North American Indigenous Studies, Matt has traveled the world and brought its teachings back to the Hudson Valley.  Matt has lived on a Hawaiian permaculture farm, taught Yoga in Harlem, twice sat in residency at the KTD Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Woodstock, and  spent a year in South Africa.  Matt dedicates a third of the year to the cultural and physical preservation of the Lakota Tribes in South Dakota. He lives in Ruby with his girlfriend, Daniella.


Jason Lord

Jason Lord

The Optimizer
Hailing from the island of Trinidad, Jason is a force of positive energy. His primary role is as instructor at the Wild Earth Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to teaching children growing up in cities connections to the outdoors. After studying Sociology and Africana Studies at SUNY Stony Brook, he was drawn to the Hudson Valley, where he learned Holistic Health Counseling through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. He is accustomed to working with children through prior programs such as the Family Partnership, Catherine Street Community Center, and Nubian Directions ll. Jason is also the Reiki Practitioner and the Director of his own startup, ShowUp4Life.

James Joyce

James Joyce

The Factotum
James is a lifelong Catskill’s resident, and he spends his days as a lumberjack, mechanic, Maple Syrup sugarmaker, and homebuilder. He loves the outdoors, and is well-versed in the history of the Northeast. He is the expert outfitter and trail finder of the group. James loves to garden and loves to teach.

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